A New Beginning…

Hey y’all,

When I first joined a couple of dating sites, I  did so because I’d heard from a few people that they met their boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend online so it seemed like a really great place to go and see who I happened to meet.   I know I went into that whole online dating scenario with the express intent to meet someone eventually, but I definitely didn’t expect to meet anyone worth really dating let alone having a relationship with very quickly.  I thought it would be much more difficult to find the person I wanted to be with.

Turns out you can be swept off of your feet by someone you met online and have the most wonderful time while he’s sweeping you off them.  Y’all should know I only went on two dates previous to the first date I went on in my post “Saturday Night is Date” post.  Both of them were nice enough guys (if not slightly odd in the first ones case), but neither of them struck me as anything to write home about either.

I can’t express enough how surprised I was to recieve a message from my now partner. He wrote me such a lovely first message, inquistive and funny, he made me smile and I just had to message back. It would be so easy to type “the rest is history” because it didn’t stop from then on out, we messaged as often as we could, before moving into texting before our first date.  In fact we texted while I was on the train just seconds away from him coming into the station!

Being with him is so easy, I don’t have to pretend or be any more or less than I want to be, I can talk to him about anything and there is an intense connection that is impossible to describe. Sometimes I’m sure we must have met before, and sometimes it’s just weird how connected our lives are. It’s only been a couple of weeks since he even sent me the first message, yet I can’t imagine my world without him in it anymore.

It’s completely crazy. But when you know, you know. I’m already the demented person who completely forgot what it was like to even be single. Relationships definitely do that to ya!

See you all soon x


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